Top 5 Indian Startup that are making it big!

April 29, 2016

Startups have become the backbone of Indian economy and there is no doubt that Startups are making groundbreaking presence in the market with their innovative and technological boom. It takes almost everything to raise the fund, build a company around the idea and compete in the market, literally everything! Let’s see which Indian Startups are making big in the market and giving us the inspirations to come up with something…


Five Steps to Cracking the Interview

October 10, 2015

You have just found out about a vacancy at your dream company and you need to get your act together to crack the interview. While you may have all the qualifications and the certificates to support your skills that may not be all you need to get your appointment letter. Here is a list of 5 most important things that you need to take care of, when you step in…


Top 5 dressing tips to kill your interviews

September 25, 2015

Imagine if you have got an interview call just now. As soon as you hang down the phone, you will definitely think that is my résumé ready? Am I well-prepared to answer all questions? And the last question will be what am I going to wear? You have to keep it in mind that your dressing sense should leave a final impact on interviewer’s mind. You can’t and should never…


Time Management Can Make Your Career

February 17, 2014

Time is an odd and inflexible thing. It is something, which one can make more of.  For some people, doing things quickly is the best way to save time. But, in some cases, it may not be the solution. Individuals need to make effective use of time by taking the right decisions and moving forwards without looking back. It is impossible to separate time and efficiency. If we have a…


How To Impress the Interview Board

December 6, 2013

Getting a job is not simple and you need to work on many things to prepare for an interview. Polishing your skills is just a part of the task. Here are some tips which will help you bag that opportunity. Companies today are very careful in choosing their candidates for the interview. There are so many talented candidates out there and they have many skills that allure the employers. How…