Top 5 Mistakes by Candidates While Filling an OMR Sheet

November 16, 2016

The OMR (Optical Mark Recognition) sheet offers a delegate design that requires the optimum attention of a candidate while entering the entities. The invigilating authorities have examined many common error that the candidates tend to commit, while appearing for an OMR based examination. These mistakes causes direct rejection of paper during the evaluation process by the latest in-trend OMR software. Instructions not Read Properly Before, starting the main questionnaire it…


5 Ways to make PhD stress free

businessman in field with blue sky sitting an office chair
October 26, 2016

Phd students often find themselves under tremendous stress owing to factors relating to their research work and their personal lives. Stress related disorders such as anxiety and depression, have become an extremely common phenomenon that rules the lives of a majority of research scholars. However, this need not be the case with you. Acknowledge your feelings: First and foremost, you need to get in touch with your inner self and…


5 Tips to complete PhD on time

October 26, 2016

While a researcher may like to have the luxury of time on her or his side, it is often not feasible in the practical world. There are issues such as fund allocations for the research and even personal problems that hog the life of a reseacher and affect the Phd. Here are some of the ways to steer clear of hurdles and stay on the path to complete the Phd…


Top 5 Tips to Crack IIT JEE Exam

August 3, 2016

It is a well-known fact amongst students, that cracking the Joint Entrance Exam for Indian Institute of Technology is undoubtedly one of the most difficult tasks. Each and every student puts in his best effort to grab one of these few special seats in the IITs of India.  Aspiring students usually require months of hard work and mostly take guidance from some reputed JEE coaching institutes around the country to…


 5 Tips to Perfect the Student Visa Interview

October 14, 2015

Applying for foreign education is not one-step process. Rather, it is a lengthy procedure that requires complete attention and involvement of the individual involved. One of the many aspects of higher education in foreign country is applying for student visa. Without a student visa, on is not allowed to enter into a foreign land. Countries like United States and United Kingdom, especially, have strict guidelines including a student visa interview…


Top 5 Courses to Do After 12th Standard

April 23, 2015

It is usually when students are about to complete their school studies that parents start worrying about their future. While a few students already plan for their favorite courses, there are many who remain confused about the right choice to make out of a variety of colleges and courses that can give them an effective career growth. To sort out the problems of such students, we list here the top…


Importance Of Product Reviews

September 12, 2014

People buy various products and services to satisfy their daily requirements. Different products are used for different purposes and their usefulness depends on how they work. Certain products work really well and simplify things for people. On the other hand, bad products ruin their mood and invite criticism from them. Good products generally last longer and there are only praises for them. People having experience with good products even advise…


Five Signs of a True Researcher

August 30, 2014

If the world of academics and research is being looked at, then it can be seen that in order to obtain prominence in this large community, one has to perform quality research work in the respective domains of expertise. However, it has been seen that most of the people, who are presently associated with the world of academics and research, are not at all interested in research and only in…


Top 5 Tips for Students to Manage Their Time Effectively

June 21, 2014

Students are generally involved in multiple academic tasks while also taking care of their other interests and extracurricular activities. In such a situation, it sometimes becomes difficult for them to manage their time effectively. They either miss some work deadlines or remain stressed due to the overload of work. If you are also losing control of your life due to time crunch for multiple activities, then here are some tips…


Internet safety tips for kids and teens:

May 26, 2014

Never share your personal information like date of birth, school name, address or telephone number on the internet. Don’t share your passwords even with your best friends except with your parents. Never reply to any person if they send you any harsh or rude messages. Discuss such things with your parents which made you uncomfortable. Don’t share any kind of your photos, videos with anyone and add the people as…