Top 5 Modular Kitchen Layouts

November 10, 2016

Kitchen has always been at the top priority if we talk about our vision for a standard house. Nothing to be much surprised about, it’s but obvious that, a place where your appetite gets its best satisfaction will be most liked by you. So, who doesn’t want to decorate and design it with their utter creativity? In the due course, modular kitchens are becoming most popular and are in increasing…


Five Dazzling Design Elements

May 16, 2015

Not all of us can or would want to hire a professional designer for perking up the look of our house or office, but most of us would like to occupy the picture perfect space and take credit for doing a good design job. The prospect is not as difficult as it is exciting and you must make use of these 5 design tips to transform your space instantly. The…


Turning a Small Space into a Magical Home

It is everybody’s desire to live in a beautiful and comfortable home. In days gone by cities were small and affordable. Many people lived in rural areas where they had ample space. But that is no longer the case. Our cities have become overcrowded and expensive. People have started moving from rural areas to urban areas in search of better opportunities. This has meant that our houses have started to…

December 6, 2013