5 Trending Technical Courses for Better Career Opportunities

E-Learning has taken the world by storm due to its many cutting-edge advantages. The comfort of sitting at home on your laptop and learning from the experts has found a fancy amongst many techno-enthusiasts. There are many courses offered by various institutes based in different parts of the world and sometimes it becomes difficult to choose a course that can actually make a difference to your career. In order to…

November 16, 2017

Top 5 Sony 4K LED TVs and Their Features

July 18, 2016

In the last couple of years, 4K LED TV’s have gone from being an incredibly niche high-end technology to more or less main stream. 4K options are available even at mid range prices, even though 1080p panels still rule the roost. Many of the first batches of 4 K titles have been converted from 2 K masters. Just as in the early days of HD, there was a lot of…


Top Five Android Apps That You Must Have

October 23, 2015

Your smart phone is not smart enough until unless you download some smart apps smartly! Yes, no matter what mobile you use but if your handset is android enabled, you must make maximum use of this cutting edge technology. After surveying the range of trending android apps, we have shortlisted five must have apps that are sure to make your phone smart and happening. Grofers: Grofers, the trending online supermarket…


Top 5 Sony LED TVs in India

October 10, 2015

Indian consumer electronics market is constantly expanding with the growing needs of the Indian consumers. Along with the changing requirements of the Indian consumers, the Indian market is also fast evolving and getting matured keeping in line with the technological advancements of the global market. Television sets are among the most selling electronic consumer goods in the Indian market. No matter what the financial status, most of the Indian families…


Top 5 Uses of Project Time Sheet Software

October 7, 2015

Time sheet or project time software are helpful particular for those who are working on a deadline. They allow you to track all the related things to any large scale project. These kinds of software are cheap or eve free. They are very easy to use. Managing large scale projects require a certain amount of time management and skill of scheduling. But if you are not very adept in that…


Get Your Hands on the Best Smart Phones

May 27, 2015

Mobiles have become a lifeline for us in the modern times. You may skip a meal in a hurry, but forgetting the phone is something that you may to even be able to imagine. The mobile phone is something that connects you to the rest of the world, it is your own personal shopping mall, and it is a source of knowledge and information and also your tool for utility….