Top five benefits of setting benchmarks with deadlines

Calendar with Deadline Circled
September 14, 2015

 Growth! This is one word everybody dreams of. No matter if he is an individual, a company, a man starting his own venture, or an employee working in a firm; All dream of growth. Growth is the most important aspect in personal and professional development.  If you stop focussing on it, you can quickly become expendable.  Even on the personal side, your relationships suffer without growth.  The same philosophy works for…


Office goers and the art of balancing time

October 16, 2014

An office goer wakes up in the morning. He thinks of the day ahead and gets a dreary feeling. There is so much to be done and he has less than twenty four hours to do it in. He has to attend to his profession, he has to attend to the needs of his family, and he has to make sure that his taxes and bills are paid on schedule….


Student Life and the Art of Time Management

October 15, 2014

Students always seem to be starved for time. They feel that they have so much to do, but they cannot find enough hours in the day to do it in. They plan many activities and at the end of the day when they look at what they have achieved, they find that they have not achieved much at all. They feel lost and confused and wonder how they are ever…


Tips for Maximizing Savings

November 12, 2013

Employment these days has become very fragile. No one is sure or secured because of the volatile nature of recession. It can hit any time and without any intention, leave us jobless. Since it is tough to know how the economy is going to fair in the future, be prepared for it with savings. Any small provisions that you make now for the future will come handy in times of…


Time management for working mothers

October 4, 2013

The pressure on working mothers is increasing by leaps and bounds. Pressure to meet deadlines, pressure of commuting, increasing pressure of making children excel in studies and pressure of maintain healthy personal and professional relationships are few pressures which have started taking a toll of working women’s life. She needs to take care of time and manage it efficiently so as none of her core areas get ignored. Here are…