How to Prepare for IIT Chemistry – Excel IIT

How to Prepare for IIT Chemistry – Excel IIT

Chemistry is the most scoring subject, yet it requires lots of hard work to get hold of all concepts. Most of the questions in chemistry are easier than other subjects of the exam. If you know all formulas and equations, you can score more marks than other subjects. Here are the tips to follow to score well in the subject.

Prepare all the constituents

IIT Chemistry consists of all three components, organic, inorganic and physical chemistry. To score well in the subject, you need to practise the questions of all components. All these parts are interconnected with each other, so you can’t ignore any one of them. Start with physical chemistry and then move onto the organic and inorganic section.

Join the best IIT coaching in Delhi

Self-preparation is fine if you are confident you can organise your studies. However, joining the best IIT coaching in Delhi will be the best option because you will get enough study material for the preparation. You will also be told short tricks and formulas to attempt the exam quickly within time. If you are preparing for your exam without coaching, you should pick up the one good chemistry book instead of jumping from one to another. You must ensure that the book consists of several questions for your good practice and covers all topics.

Must consider NCERT books

Don’t think that you are preparing for IIT, so you don’t need to refer NCERT books. Most of the questions are asked from NCERT books therefore it’s essential that you go through it. Must attempt all questions and read every statement. If you have the command of all NCERT concepts, you can easily qualify the exam. Therefore, along with consulting a good reference book, you should also practise from your NCERT book.

Other things that you must do

Try to understand the reaction mechanism instead of learning it. Mugging it up is not a good practice. Learn all the formulas. Buy some reference books to practise as much as questions. The more questions you practise, the more you hone your skills. Use flowcharts to understand chemical reactions. If you cram only, you will not be able to attempt reactions-related questions correctly.

Questions on topics like chemical bonding and atomic structure are important and asked every year in JEE examination. Hence, you should prepare these topics. Other essential topics to pay heed on are electrochemistry, standard potentials, EMF, and Oxidation-reduction half cells. The two important topics in inorganic chemistry that you must prepare for the exam are extractive metallurgy and coordination compounds.

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