Negative Consequences of Economic Growth

As it can be seen that one of the major drivers of economic growth is the consumption of energy, generated by fossil fuels, it can in turn cause severe damages to the ecological system of nation. Unremitting burning of fossil fuels emit polluting gases like carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide, and oxides of nitrogen, which can have severe impact on the pregnancy outcomes. In order to boost industrialization, more land areas are being provided to the industrial houses, which come from rapid deforestation. This can cause severe problems like soil erosion, water contamination, loss of biodiversity, etc. Moreover, migration of surplus agricultural workers into the urban areas is putting forth severe pressure on urban infrastructure, in terms of rapid formation of slums, which in turn can cause environmental deterioration of the vicinity. As a result, the labor force can get affected by the same economic growth, which has been accelerated by them. Continuous subsidy provided by government on petroleum products is encouraging citizens to utilize them at the fullest, which may cause more ambient air pollution and noise pollution problems. To know more about the negative consequences of economic growth, kindly browse the pages of

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