Tips on using few vegetables to help in bodily ailments

Gastric troubles: Although, there are innumerable remedies for gastric troubles but a few more can be suggested. Mix garlic and asafoetida to cooked aubergines. Eat a small helping of this vegetable frequently. This will release the gas and activate your bowels better. Alternatively, suck ginger juice and lemon juice with a little of rock salt sprinkled over them, after every meal. Heat-burn: The burning sensation is not exactly in the…


Tips on Saving Water

We have been hearing through ages that water is precious and we should save it. But most of the people we see do not believe in doing the same and hence waste the natural resource not realizing that there are plenty others who do not get a drop to drink also. There has been lot of movements started for the conservation of this precious and natural resource. There are many…


Tips to control global warming

Global warming causes the average temperature of Earth’s atmosphere and oceans to rise since the late 19th century. Since the early 20th century, the mean surface temperature of Earth since 20th century has increased by about 0.8°Celcius, whereby about two-thirds of the increase can be attributed since 1980. It is basically caused by increase in the concentration of greenhouse gases which are produced by burning of fossil fuels and other…


Tips to deal with acne

A person facing problem of acne can mix equal proportion of water with baking soda and apply the paste on individual acne and not on complete face. The paste should be left on the face for ten minutes and washed off with cold water. This helps in closing the pores. This can be repeated twice a day but if there is excess oil one should discontinue its use. The open…