Top 5 dressing tips to kill your interviews

Top 5 dressing tips to kill your interviews

Imagine if you have got an interview call just now. As soon as you hang down the phone, you will definitely think that is my résumé ready? Am I well-prepared to answer all questions? And the last question will be what am I going to wear?

You have to keep it in mind that your dressing sense should leave a final impact on interviewer’s mind.


You can’t and should never give a tired look to your potential employer as it will take you nowhere. This is because an outfit is not supposed to be just something that you have to wear, but it also denotes something that helps define who you are or what you want to be. So here comes the top 5 tips for dressing for success:

  1. Color: Don’t wear something boring. Chances are the person interviewing you will not remember you.
    Try to break up the dullness with a colored shirt or blazer. Second, don’t pick a trendy, loud color, try a classic color when picking a statement color. For example, wearing neon orange will be too distracting, however, a nice rust color would be tasteful.
  2. Fit: Remember what you wear fits you correctly. Your pants should not be too tight or too big. Your neckline should not be too low. Your outfit is something that you would feel comfortable. Don’t wear something that is too tight, short, or revealing.
  3. Accessories: Keep your accessories simple, however they should add to your personality. With an outfit of all neutrals, wear a bold, but not gaudy necklace. Avoid wearing a pattern that is not office appropriate. For guys, don’t wear a tie that is too loud. But you can wear a pocket square or tie that shows personality with a rich color complimenting you and your suit.
  4. Grooming: You should look natural and polished so avoid wearing heavy make-up or bright lipstick. Keep your make-up neutral and subtle. For men, trim your mustache or beard.
  5. General Tips: As said, “It’s better to be overdressed than under-dressed.” if your potential employer has a relaxed dress code, dress up to make a great first impression. It is always best to research the company you are interviewing for and try to get a sense of how formal their dress code really is.

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