Top 5 Tips to Eat, Drink and Be Happy

Today’s world has made life too complicated to live with ease. The day-to-day schedule of a corona man’s life has put additional pressure on his body and mind. Therefore, he needs to keep it in mind a few points which can promise him a healthy life. Let’s figure out how to make healthy food habits Consume the right amount of calories A person needs to have the right amount of…


Top 5 Tips for Nail Blogging

At a time when blogging has emerged as an art in today’s era, there are many blogs being written on maintaining beauty. And out of all these blogs, nail blogging has come out on top in gaining quick popularity. If you are among one of those bloggers who want to get quick success, here are a few tips to polish your blog and make it the best… Don’t ignore your…


Top Five Android Apps That You Must Have

Your smart phone is not smart enough until unless you download some smart apps smartly! Yes, no matter what mobile you use but if your handset is android enabled, you must make maximum use of this cutting edge technology. After surveying the range of trending android apps, we have shortlisted five must have apps that are sure to make your phone smart and happening. Grofers: Grofers, the trending online supermarket…


 5 Tips to Perfect the Student Visa Interview

Applying for foreign education is not one-step process. Rather, it is a lengthy procedure that requires complete attention and involvement of the individual involved. One of the many aspects of higher education in foreign country is applying for student visa. Without a student visa, on is not allowed to enter into a foreign land. Countries like United States and United Kingdom, especially, have strict guidelines including a student visa interview…


Top 5 Sony LED TVs in India

Indian consumer electronics market is constantly expanding with the growing needs of the Indian consumers. Along with the changing requirements of the Indian consumers, the Indian market is also fast evolving and getting matured keeping in line with the technological advancements of the global market. Television sets are among the most selling electronic consumer goods in the Indian market. No matter what the financial status, most of the Indian families…


Five Steps to Cracking the Interview

You have just found out about a vacancy at your dream company and you need to get your act together to crack the interview. While you may have all the qualifications and the certificates to support your skills that may not be all you need to get your appointment letter. Here is a list of 5 most important things that you need to take care of, when you step in…