Wondering Why your Hair is Falling Out? Unveil the Secrets by Learning the 5 Key Hair Loss Reasons

Wondering Why your Hair is Falling Out? Unveil the Secrets by Learning the 5 Key Hair Loss Reasons

Hair loss happens to both men and women. That is a fact. However, do you know exactly what triggers this phenomenon to occur? The reasons for hair loss can be considered natural although yet many of them are also caused by certain disorders. If you are someone who wants to know more about the major causes and other hair loss reasons, then reading the following details will not really make you feel bad, rather, it will help you understand the nature of hair loss and how you may prevent it.

1. Androgenetic alopecia

When it comes to heredity, it is worth noting that both men and women, regardless of their race, may develop the so-called androgenetic alopecia, which is but associated with pattern baldness. Men may fall as the ultimate candidate for this, but if you will take a closer look at the possible reasons for hair loss in women, you may find androgenetic alopecia listed as one of them.

2.Hormonal imbalances

Hormonal imbalances may also play a big part in hair loss. This claim is based solely on studies noting that if the hormonal elements in the body do no work in balance, the result would be hair loss. Although not scientifically made clear, many experts still uphold this idea claiming that the male and female hormones may contribute as part of the other hair loss reasons.

3.Medical interventions

In case you are wondering about the reasons for sudden hair loss, note that the medical interventions that people with medical disorders need are an ultimate contributor to it. Chemotherapy is but one of them. I guess you know that this medical treatment is handled for patients suffering from cancer. Well, sudden hair loss occurs once this radiation therapy is applied knowing that it stops the growth phase of any living hair in the body. It is associated with “sudden” hair loss for the reason that once the follicles stop breathing as they normally do, they shed strands of hair at the same time.

Other hair loss reasons associated with medical interventions may include drugs and medications, such as antidepressants, amphetamines, anticoagulants, antibiotics, vitamin A derivatives, beta-blockers, contraceptive pills, and some medications used for treating arthritis and gout. If for some reason, you are taking a dosage of them, expect your hair to lose without you realizing it.

4.Curling and pulling of hairs

While you have been told that hair loss occurs naturally due to some biological cycles in our body, note that the hair loss reasons are not only limited to that idea. Although the condition happens as the hair reaches its resting, shedding and growing phases, excessive pulling of hair can definitely contribute to the development of balding, which is but an effect of hair loss. Constant pulling is labeled by medical experts nowadays as traction alopecia, which may involve curling and pulling of hairs. These actions weaken the hair that once grown so strong, then allowing them to break and lose.

5.Ageing, heredity, and hormonal imbalance

Not only that. The other hair loss reasons may also include ageing, heredity, and hormonal imbalance. As with the first, it was found out that hair loss occurs as the person’s age. It appears between the ages of 20 to 50, with many people though arriving on the most advanced stages of this phenomenon a bit earlier than the others. Although the development or occurrence may vary from age to age, all human beings are subject to it as they advance in age.

Topping off

So those basically are the notable causes of hair loss. Now, it all depends on you to understand more of them. If you feel like knowing much about what those factors can give, then you have the right to search for more resources highlighting these claims. Books, magazines, and journals are provided these days for you to read, after all.

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