Share Your Writeup

Share Your Writeup

While you search for something on the internet, the article with top 5 list catches your attention to read, decide, and save your time. If you make a list of pros and cons at everything before deciding, then you can share your top 5 list with us. With your list of top 5 things, you can help a number of people to decide.

Our portal is a global platform for people of every age group to help them with a list of 5 thing on anything and everything. You can share your list with us, following these five guidelines :

  1. Highlight the five points you are providing.
  2. The article should strictly adhere to the points format.
  3. The blog can be a list of reasons, pros, cons, tips, hacks, or anything but not more than five.
  4. Your list can be on art, culture, food, education, career, health, beauty, home decor, fashion, travel, shopping, etc.
  5. While the internet is flooded with top five things, your topic and list should be unique for the reader to grasp the information.

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