Five Signs of a True Researcher

Five Signs of a True Researcher

If the world of academics and research is being looked at, then it can be seen that in order to obtain prominence in this large community, one has to perform quality research work in the respective domains of expertise. However, it has been seen that most of the people, who are presently associated with the world of academics and research, are not at all interested in research and only in academics. Therefore, finding out a true researcher from this large and growing community may seem to be a critical task, but actuality it is not. A true researcher will be having the following five signs, which can readily make that person different from the others:

  • Listening: A true researcher will carefully listen to the problem first. It is very much needed to listen to the entire problem at the very first hand. If the problem has not been listened to properly, then the analysis of the issue will surely go wrong. Specificity of the research problem can be understood, only if it is observed carefully.
  • Step-by-step analysis: Once the research problem is understood, the person will break up that entire problem into small sequential segments, which are linked to each other. Solving a big research problem is tough, but solving a number of small research questions may prove out to be easier. If the analysis is carried out in this way, then attaining at the specific research objective and bringing out research questions will not be a tough job.
  • Not jumping to conclusion: A true researcher will never anticipate the results of the study before actually conducting it. Jumping into conclusions will show that the person is filled with some preconceived notions, which will never be there in case of a true researcher. That person will rely on the obtained results only, which are based on solid theoretical ground and robust research methodology.
  • Clear idea about data and methodology: After listening to the research problem, the researcher should be able to tell the kind of data and methodology to be used in order to achieve the desired research objective. As one particular kind of data and methodology can never be suited to all kinds of research objectives, a true researcher will advise specific data and methodology only.
  • Knowledgeable intuition: With knowledge and practice, comes the experience, and with experience comes the intuition. Based on the intuition, that person will be able to suggest various allied areas of significant research.

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