Top Five Courses Options to Consider After Class 12th

Top Five Courses Options to Consider After Class 12th

Education matters! There is a host of courses that you can choose after successfully clearing your intermediate examination. It can often get confusing when you are choosing the right course after 12th because of the availability. In this run to choose the course, your parents, friends and teachers will definitely advise you, but it is you who have to deal it. Make sure you choose the right course option, because your whole career depends on it. Analyse your areas of interest and your weaknesses before choosing the course to make sure your further academic career leads to a successful professional career. Here are the top five course options that can lead you to a good career:

  • Opt for Stream Based Courses

When you are in class 12th, you study, either from science stream or art stream. It can be a good choice to continue your stream based study because you already know several things about it, which makes it easier to understand the new concepts.

  • LLB

If you are interested in the laws and constitution of the country, then LLB can be the best option for you after 12th. There are several law colleges that can offer you LLB degree by providing you with quality education.

  • NDA

If you are not interested in continuing your stream based studies, then you can start preparing for entrance exams like NDA. This will allow you to serve the country by joining the armed forces.

  • Journalism

Journalism is hot these days! A lot of students take aptitude tests to get enrolled in the journalism courses because of with a wide range of career opportunities.

  • Chartered Accountancy

Chartered Accountants earn a lot! If you are from account background, then Chartered Accountancy is the best choice after 12th. ICAI offers the foundation program in chartered accountancy to students who have cleared class 12th.

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