Improving Health Through Ayurveda

Improving Health Through Ayurveda

The true value of health can be understood only by someone who is suffering from chronic ailments. People already having good health don’t realise this value and take their lives for granted. Health is very important and determines how people function. Those with chronic ailments are never at peace and take medications to rid themselves of their sufferings. However, most of the people in Europe and the world resort to allopathic treatment to cure themselves. Allopathic medicines act very fast and give quick relief. But they have multiple side effects and are not advisable for chronic sufferers. The reason being chronic ailments last for a very long time and allopathic medicines being taken for that long can have many side effects and bring about irreparable damages in the body.

1This is why, people should switch to Ayurveda and see how their life changes. Ayurveda is a natural form of treating illnesses and dates back to the ancient times. It aims at maintaining a balance between the body, mind and spirit and removes illnesses from the root. Ayurvedic medicines take more time than allopathy to cure ailments but considering their zero side effects, are worth taking. Ayurveda believes in both yoga and medicines for healing purposes and focuses on the three doshas ( vata, pitta and kapha ) of the human body. It works towards balancing these three doshas after figuring out the imbalanced dosha in the system. Imbalance in any one of the three doshas is responsible for causing illnesses. Calming down the imbalanced dosha is the main objective of Ayurveda.

To start with, going to bed at the same time and waking up at the same is very important. People should get seven to eight hours of sleep everyday. This ensures that they get enough rest. Rest is important for healing and allows the body to relax and rejuvenate. People taking adequate rest are more effective at work and can fight stress better. On waking up, they should avoid tea or coffee and drink warm water instead. This helps maintain a balance between the three doshas and is very good for the digestive system. Also, this rids the body of toxic substances and cleanses it. Avoiding and eating particular foods according to their dosha and eating only three times a day without any snacks in between can lead to improved health. Even fasting helps get rid of poisonous substances.

Patients should go to an Ayurvedic doctor and get their imbalanced dosha diagnosed. The doctor diagnoses the same and gives medicines to balance it. Once balanced, illnesses get cured and people get relief. This is the way Ayurveda works towards improving health. Also, the regular practice of pranayamas should be incorporated along with medicines with regard to illnesses of the body and mind. Some pranayamas like kapalbhati and anuloma viloma are very effective and can cure almost all physical and mental illnesses. All chronic ( physical or mental ) sufferers should practise one hour of pranayama everyday on an empty stomach, with kapalbhati for half an hour and anuloma viloma for the rest. This balances all the three doshas and makes the body free of ailments.

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