Top 5 tips to maintain a sleep hygiene

Top 5 tips to maintain a sleep hygiene

How often have you heard the term “Sleep Hygiene”? The term makes you wonder about how clean you are while you sleep, nevertheless it is not about it. Sleep hygiene is a doctorly term, used for a person’s quality sleep behaviour. The idea is to promote healthy sleeping habits among the insomniacs around the globe. While more than 80% of the people in the world doesn’t get a full 8 hours sleep, here are 5 healthy habits to have a sound sleep :

  • Make and wake on the same time
    The idea to make and wake is to make a proper sleep schedule for yourself and abide by it everyday. While you wake up everyday on the same time for your office, try to make your bed and sleep on the same time every night too. Following a regular sleep schedule even on the weekends would be as beneficial for your body as much as it hurt to wake early on those days. However, sleeping till late would eventually makes you more dizzy on the weekends.

  • Avoid caffeine
    As 75% of the population is employed in the private sector, they make coffee their best friend while dealing with Monday morning blues. Having a cup of coffee might be a good idea to keep your eyes open as you work but you don’t know how adversely it affects your body. Regular and access intake of coffee leads to restlessness, anxiety issues and insomnia. You wouldn’t want to end up being a crazy sleepless person while trying to stay awake at work?

  • Give your eyes a break
    Isn’t gluing your eyes for 8-9 hours in front of your desktop screen enough to pain them that you choose to strain them with your phone screen later? Let your eyes relax for some time after a strain-y day at work. Listen to some soothing music or read a book before you sleep but don’t use your mobile.

  • Plan your tomorrow
    Before going into the dreamland think about your next day for 5 minutes. You don’t know what would happen the next day but you can plan for it. Planning for the next day helps to have a good night sleep as you know how your tomorrow is going to begin and that would make you more productive throughout the day.

  • Just relax
    We know how hard it is to sleep when you have to wake up in next 5 hours, but the important thing is to sleep by then. Relax your body and mind before going to the bed by stretching your muscles or meditating for a little while, if possible. This would relax your mind before you go to bed, helping you doze without any pressure to sleep quickly. Relaxing the mind would give the best sleep of your life!

Your existing schedule might not allow you to use these tips, but you can try to follow them one by one. Begin with giving a break to your eyes, relaxing your body and mind to slowly make a sleep schedule and lessen the intake of caffeine.

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