Top 5 Winter Styles to Flaunt for Men

Top 5 Winter Styles to Flaunt for Men

It is that time of the year when it is so chilly outside that you tend to cover yourself up with everything you can get your hands on. Fashion or style statement goes out of the window during winters as the climate turns hostile.

But, if you want to look fashionable even during winters, then here are some amazing styles you must have a look at. These 5 styles are the best to flaunt for a man this winter and we guarantee that they can make heads turn your way!



Everyone goes out with a sweater during winters and we reckon you must too. Sweaters are never out of fashion and there are just many things that you can do with them. Go for the full armed sweaters and try to pick lighter colors. A wool neck would be ideal and can give you the cool look with a comfortable feel.

Make use of americanswan coupons to get the coolest sweaters to complete your style. You can shop online to get some amazing discounts.

Bigger Pocketsbigger-pockets

It is advisable to add bigger pockets to your woolen clothing for a funky look this season. The craze for bigger pockets to keep smartphones and tablets have caught up recently. You can bet on this and get a bigger pocket either stitched or bought with a woolen clothing.

Though initially you might feel weird to sport the look, you will eventually like it when people start noticing you. This is an instant way to pep up your winter styling.


vestsThe ultimate layering on top of any clothing, vests work on clothes of all types. The warmth that vests can provide are unmatchable. You must always pair up a bulkier vest with a bulkier clothing and a lighter vest with a lighter clothing.

Remember to avoid oversized vests and those made of cheap materials. This is a very good investment so make sure you get a good vest for yourself.


mens-scarfThere are many ways to wear a scarf but look for the trendiest style in city. The traditional scarf with one side longer than the other and got through the loop is out of fashion. Try the Parisian style where you can fold the scarf lengthwise and pull the ends through a loop on the opposite side.

Not only does this give maximum warmth but also makes you look good. You can use koovs coupons from and make a style statement.

Baggy Trousers

baggy trouser

Gone are the days when you have to sport a slim trouser to feel warm. Baggy trousers can keep you warm this season and raise your style quotient. Pair them up with some regular jackets or suits and achieve the coolest look for this winter.

Pep up your look with a winter hat and put on some good gloves to finish the dressing. Some sturdy formal shoes will also look good with the trousers. Go for them too!

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