5 Perfect ideas for a fairytale destination wedding

5 Perfect ideas for a fairytale destination wedding

Destination weddings can also get some personal touch. It is not necessary that destination weddings can only be celebrated in some specific ways with limited choices. You can talk about your ideas and imaginations for your wedding with your wedding planner. Afterall it is your day, and you should not compromise on this day for anything. But you need to know in what ways you can add some personal touch to your wedding. So here I am telling you some ideas, which I believe can surely help you through this process.

Sketch your wedding cake

Having a sketch of your wedding cake makes it easier for a baker to get a clear vision of your idea. You can ask your wedding planner to refer somebody who can sketch your idea. This will ensure your wedding cake to be the same as you have imagined.

Add some photo Ribbons

Display photos of memories of your life in front of your guests who are there to celebrate your wedding. This is the way to show some memories of the past to the guests who have come so far to be a part of the most important and special occasion of your life.

Replace the flower petals with the herbs

Freshly dried herbs have much more fragrance than petals of the flowers. Use local and popular fresh herbs of the place where you are getting married. For example, you are getting married in France, go for lavender and pair it with some rose hips.

Host a Bridal Luncheon

Host your bridal luncheon to allow all the important ladies in your life to reduce their travel and expenses. It will also let all the ladies get relaxed and enjoy each other’s company that they were unable to do during the hectic days of wedding and wedding ceremonies.

Add a Barbecue and Enjoy the Golden Hour

Have you ever thought of getting married in the mountains or an area that is great for camping? If not, then give this idea a thought and celebrate your first night of the wedding with your guests with a great barbecue setup. Your guests will love this idea of hanging out and enjoying your company. You can do this in the golden hour, which is also known as the magic hour. It is the time right before the sun starts to set. This time can also be used for beautiful outdoor images anywhere in the world. Schedule your wedding close to the “golden” or “magic hour” and ask your photographer for the perfect time according to your wedding date.

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