Top Five Benefits of Sending Online Invitations

Top Five Benefits of Sending Online Invitations

In recent years, the trend of sending online invitations have picked up manifolds. With the economy in turmoil and so many people looking to save money and simplify their lives, it is no wonder that online invitations are more popular than ever before. These five benefits presented below can make online invitations beat out paper invitations when it comes to streamlining event management.

1.Plethora of Opportunities for Communication

When one sends out a paper invite, one’s options for communication are limited, especially if one is on a budget. Most events only have one chance to get information to one’s guests, or to persuade them to attend. If one is reaching out to one’s guest list online, then one has an opportunity to send out reminder notifications, follow-ups to RSVPs, check-ins with those that haven’t responded yet, changes or updates to one’s event, or thank you notes after everything’s over.

2. Tie-in With Social Media Marketing

Incorporating social media into one’s event has never been easier than with online invitations and RSVPs. One can include links to any relevant accounts, hashtag campaigns, or any special features or access guests can unlock once they respond that they’re attending. One must ensure to get one’s guest engagement rolling ASAP, which means right when they RSVP.

3. Actual working of Word-of-Mouth

If one is trying to spread the word to as many people as possible, the easiest way to get one’s information out beyond one’s guest list is to manage one’s event registration online. Emailed invitations can be forwarded easily, and one can encourage recipients to share that they’re interested in or attending one’s event through social media. An automatic follow-up to a RSVP is the perfect place to suggest it!

4. Increasing the Value of Invitation

There are a ton of ways to make one’s online invitation even more valuable or one’s guests than a paper invite. Maps and directions can be just a click away, have an option to integrate the event into their calendar, easily preview the venue with a link, or jump to the conversation and buzz happening around the event on social media.

5.  Event Registration Workflow Optimization

Using an online RSVP system organizes and automates one’s event management in ways that paper invitations simply can’t match. Say goodbye to the tedious tasks of manually tracking RSVPs, correlating one’s guest list, and updating the headcount. Online event registration makes all of one’s pre-event workflow so much faster, easier, and more effective.

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