Five Steps to Cracking the Interview

Five Steps to Cracking the Interview

You have just found out about a vacancy at your dream company and you need to get your act together to crack the interview. While you may have all the qualifications and the certificates to support your skills that may not be all you need to get your appointment letter. Here is a list of 5 most important things that you need to take care of, when you step in for the interview.

Personal Presentation: You will have to make sure that you are dressed in a smart set of formals, with the hair gelled or set neatly. Make sure you wear an ironed and clean outfit, with clean shoes to match. While the clothing and presentation may not be all, it is an important factor in the evaluation of an interview.

The CV speaks: When you go in for your interview, your CV represents you as an introduction, make sure you leave the right first impression with the perfect CV. Though it should speak about you and all that you have done in life do not make it into a novel, the evaluator might end up missing the important points.

Be clear: If you have a goal in mind, be clear about it. Know what you are going to say about yourself, if you have it all decided in your mind, you are more likely to leave a better impression in front of the HR. Whatever happens, don’t fumble for words.

Be confident: You know you need the job, but don’t go about begging for it, let your confidence command respect. People who hire generally do not need to work with people with a low self-esteem.

Be punctual: Finally make sure you reach on time for your interview, all the factors of a good interview may be in vain if you do not value the company’s time.

The hiring processes differ between companies but the basic ethics of hiring remain the same everywhere.

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