Top 5 Sony LED TVs in India

Top 5 Sony LED TVs in India

Indian consumer electronics market is constantly expanding with the growing needs of the Indian consumers. Along with the changing requirements of the Indian consumers, the Indian market is also fast evolving and getting matured keeping in line with the technological advancements of the global market.


Television sets are among the most selling electronic consumer goods in the Indian market. No matter what the financial status, most of the Indian families have TVs in their homes if nothing else, as watching TV is considered one of the daily routine entertainments that most people still depend on. As TV sets are considered to be very essential electronic home appliance, all the electronic goods companies offer vast varieties of television models in the consumer market.

 Nevertheless, the most profitable market within the Indian TV market is that of the LED TVs. LED TVs is all the rage in the latest Indian market, as these are considered to be the best flat and convenient modern TV sets that also offer great sharp and detailed picture quality, and thus enhance the experience of viewing TV. Owing to latest technology, the LED TVs also offer great audio quality apart from crystal clear images.

Moreover, LED TV sets are extremely flat with very slim and sleek design as compared to the conventional TV models, and don’t require any space to be placed on such as TV units, and can be simply installed on the wall of any room according to convenience, which is an immense plus point as these are ideal things for small modern apartments, where style and space management are both high priorities. Then again, LED TVs have now also become very affordable unlike even a couple of years back, when they used to be considerably expensive. Thus, combined with impressive functionality, design, convenience along with affordable pricing, the current LED TVs have become the ultimate choice of the modern Indians.

There are several global as well as local tech giants who offer great LED TV models in India, and are busy constantly flooding the market with innumerable advanced LED television sets. Among these, Sony is definitely one of the top brands that the Indian consumers tend to prefer. The Japanese tech giant has a considerable amount of command over the Indian TV market, and when it comes to LED TVs, then the Sony Bravia models are arguably the most popular in the market.

Here are the top 5 Sony LED TV models from the house of Sony that you can consider while shopping for a high quality LED TV for your home:

Bravia X9000C Series


This one is one of the slimmest LED TVs available in the market today. The Japanese company has created this sleek and slim excellent LED TV to excite all your senses. The beautiful design and new shape of this BRAVIA Android TV model also blends great functionality and superb quality. This model has a thickness of only 4.9 mm. Simply hang this beautiful LED TV onto to your living room’s wall and turn it into a thing to behold in wonder. The ultra-slim design of this TV makes it much more than just a TV and can be described as a valuable work of art. It features a flush, bezel free display screen offers crystal clear images which seem to float before your eyes and makes viewing TV a different experience altogether. In fact there is hardly anything of a TV here, it is simply awesome 4K images. This model is available in the market in 65 inch and 55 inch models.

Bravia X9300C Series

Bravia X9300C Series

The company dubs this model as its best model that offers superb 4K picture and superior sound quality. As per Sony, this model in the immensely popular Bravia series represents the ultimate 4K Android TV. This TV is obviously not just any LED TV, but a very advanced smart TV that offers picture perfect images with quality that is almost matchless. The high quality crisp images are coupled with rich sound which has actual life-like sound reproduction. This TV models offers very engaging new user experience as. This model is also available in 65 in and 55 in variants to choose from.

Bravia X8500C Series

Bravia X8500C Series

This TV model offers all the details that you want in your TV viewing experience. Its superb 4K-Android TV experience becomes rich with superb detailing that enhances the appeal and engagement of everything that you watch. This great TV from the house of Sony can bring TV entertainment to life with mind blowing color reproduction and fine details. The TV also allows seamless games and apps exploration along with rich internet 4K content experience. If you are someone with an eye for minute details, this one is the ultimate choice. The model is available in 55 inch, 49 inch and 43 inch variants.

Bravia W950C SeriesBravia W950C Series

This TV model from the Bravia series lends TV viewing an unforgettable experience. With this TV you won’t be only watching television, but get immersed in brilliant crisp clear images with astoundingly vibrant colors and sound so superb that you will forget everything else. This smart Android LED TV makes TV programs a thrilling experience as never before. The BRAVIA W950C is a revolutionary product that features TRILUMINOS Display to offer mesmerizing images, which is matched with Dual Acoustic Duct Subwoofer to create awesome audio effects, taking the whole TV watching experience to an entirely new level. This model is available in two choices of a 50 inch and 43 inch model.

Bravia W800C SeriesBravia W800C Series

With this Sony LED TV you can effortlessly make a new style statement. Add whole lot of glamour and style to your living room with this stunning slim TV that has a luxurious design. It offers amazing Full HD image quality along with great audio quality and super smooth smart TV experience with effortless access to a range of games, movies, apps, and all the great things internet has to offer. This model is available in 55 inch and 43 inch variants.

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