5 Tips to complete PhD on time

5 Tips to complete PhD on time

While a researcher may like to have the luxury of time on her or his side, it is often not feasible in the practical world. There are issues such as fund allocations for the research and even personal problems that hog the life of a reseacher and affect the Phd. Here are some of the ways to steer clear of hurdles and stay on the path to complete the Phd on time.

  1. Choose the topic of your research carefully: It is always good to embark on an idea or area of study that has not been attempted before. Essentially Phds are meant to be exactly that. However, avoid the pitfall of trying to cover too much in too short a time. In other words, choose to keep the area or topic of your research narrow.
  1. Arm yourself with the money to fund your Phd: This would require a little preparation right before you start your thesis. Start writing about your research and create what is known as a proposal for funds allocation. Go a step further and find out about organizations or education institutions that are interested in your topic of research. If you can convince them to fund your research, there is nothing better than that.
  1. Start with a schedule: After you have decided your topic of research and the where and how of it, create a schedule. Try to make as many milestones as you deem fit and foresee some of the hurdles that you may encounter on the way. It is imperative that you stick to your schedule and keep focus. Always keep your meetings with your professor(s) and analyse your work for timely completion.
  1. Take it with a pinch of salt: Phds are hard and thats why they command the respect that they do. Your work might seem perfect to you but might fail to impress where you wanted it to. Learn to take the criticism of your hard work in a positive way and with an open mind.
  1. Focus on your Phd with your coursework: As part of your preparation for Phd, it is a good idea to choose courses that pertain to your future area of research. This would save you time and gain you some important credits along the way.

PhDs need exceptional planning right from the start so they don’t end up as a race against time for you.

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