5 Ways to make PhD stress free

5 Ways to make PhD stress free

Phd students often find themselves under tremendous stress owing to factors relating to their research work and their personal lives. Stress related disorders such as anxiety and depression, have become an extremely common phenomenon that rules the lives of a majority of research scholars. However, this need not be the case with you.

  1. Acknowledge your feelings: First and foremost, you need to get in touch with your inner self and acknowledge any negative feelings that creep on you. Remember, it is normal to feel anxious or depressed under the pressure that your line of work brings. Do not try to hide how you feel. Instead, talk to someone, like a friend or find a support group near you who can help you deal with the issues you are facing.
  1. Find a way out: Your negative thoughts may not be as bad as they seem to be. These thoughts and negativity are a part of you that are throwing a challenge for you to find a solution. It is up to you to rise up and look for a way out of your negativity.
  1. Focus on the hurdles: It is too easy to be consumed by small failures or hurdles but always remember that they are not permanent. The little failures will eventually turn into successes and the hurdles can be overcome. However, foreseeing the hurdles so you can create a plan of operation will cut down on your stress levels.
  1. Promote your work: It is a natural tendency to focus on your research and not worry about what goes on in the world. The risk however is that you end up without any options for a postdoctoral or a job at the end of your PhD. So that you are able to take up the right path to your career, you need to start early and promote your research..
  1. Networking: Build relationships and communicate with your colleagues, peers and superiors. In today’s world it is easier to keep up with the work of others and therefore, easier to search for the inspiration you might be looking for to finish your research.

It is wise not to alienate yourself during your research and always acknowledge when you need help. Do not hesitate to ask for support when you are in need of it.

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