5 Tips to Perfect the Student Visa Interview

 5 Tips to Perfect the Student Visa Interview

Applying for foreign education is not one-step process. Rather, it is a lengthy procedure that requires complete attention and involvement of the individual involved. One of the many aspects of higher education in foreign country is applying for student visa.


Without a student visa, on is not allowed to enter into a foreign land. Countries like United States and United Kingdom, especially, have strict guidelines including a student visa interview on which basis, a student receives a confirmed entry.

In the absence of visa, irrespective of your diligence or completion of other aspects, you are still unable to commence your journey in the top most institutions of the world. Thus, it is necessary to apply and achieve F1 or M1 visa (as per the time period you require to stay).

Generally the interview does not exceed 5 minutes upon which the acceptance is reliable. There are instances where students fumble, get nervous, and leave a bad imprint on the examiner leading to a negative result. Here are a few ways to improve your chances of getting a visa acceptance.

  • The interviewer knows it all. It is his task to clearly observe you and analyze whether you must be assigned a visa or not. Thus, instead of worrying about the outcome, stay calm and try not to outsmart the interviewer.
    Also remember while answering do not play around or show any sign of nervousness. Confidence is the key to impress him. Try to keep away hand gesticulations and leg movements.
  • There will be instances where the questions might confuse and scare you. Especially those like “Why U.S.A and why not India?” or “What are your plans after MBA?” or even “Will you return to India?”
    There is a fair chance of trapping you into these questions and further rejecting the visa application. In reality, United States or any such country wouldn’t want its immigrants to return to their homeland after receiving top class education.
    If you are a budding student, chances are interviewer noticed this in the first 1 minute of conversation. The rest is to have a surety! Don’t try too hard to persuade him but prepare for a justifiable response.
  • Visa consultants help students submit the correct documents to ensure that there is no delay or scope of rejection. The interviewer might ask you whether or not the consultant has filled all the documents. It is thus required for you to stay updated and have comprehensive detail of documentation and visa application.
  • Personality talks louder than words in an interview. Here are some tips to personal grooming that are essential to acknowledge:
    1. Keep your hands away from pockets. It is a sure sign that you are not comfortable and feel unsure about the result.
    2. Look straight into the eyes of the Visa Officer. Keeping your eyes level as straight as his will boost your morale and impact the examiner positively. Keep your head high and keep talking!
    3. This may sound absurd always take bigger and wider steps while walking into the room. It shows serenity, confidence, and determination.
    4. Smile as often as you can and see how easily you can avoid worry. As much as a smile do wonders on street while passing by strangers, it does wonders in a room where your visa interviewer is sitting with you.
  • Lastly, students must know that they are sitting with the Visa Officer because they want to study abroad, have sufficient funds, and have received the letter of acceptance from the university. They shouldn’t bother about the rest!
    Also, the demands for international students in USA is always on the rise. In other words, there are minimal chances of rejection. But that should not leave you overconfident.

Every little thing matters in a visa interview. Make sure you perfect the art of convincing the interviewer.

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Sugandha Dhamija is a long term writer for The Chopras, noted overseas education consultants in India. The Chopras provides study abroad & career counselling services to avid students preparing for higher education abroad.

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