Top Five Ways to Get Rid Of Your Belly Fat

Top Five Ways to Get Rid Of Your Belly Fat

Are you looking at that red party dress and thinking it’s not made for you just because of your flabby belly? All you pretty women; it’s time to shed off your extra, rigid fat along with this unnecessary worry that you can’t wear your favorite dress anymore! So, before the festive season strikes the bell, get ready and get an attractive body shape. You might have tried so many diet regimes and exercises before but all went in vain. In this blog we will discuss about top five ways that will prove effective to reduce your fat tummy.


  • Maintain a proper diet:

Stop doing crash diet and make chart of balanced diet that includes all the requisite proteins, vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates. For fast result, minimize the intake of carb to most possible extent. Besides, increase the amount of proteins as it is proven that protein resists insulin that causes belly fat build up. Avoid foods and drinks that have added sugar and preservatives

  • Follow exercise regime daily:

Do not skip your daily exercise routine. Experts say one person needs to do 30 minutes of cardio vascular exercise for at least five days a week. Swimming is a good exercise for getting a slimmer belly. You can do exercises that include elliptical machines and stationary bikes to burn calories.

  • Avoid stress:

Stress is a major concern for putting belly fat as it makes the body to secrete a hormone called cortisol. Too much secretion and accumulation of cortisol results in belly fat build up.

  • Wonder of coconut oil:

It is proven that coconut oil helps in reducing abdominal fat to a great extent. If you can take 2 tablespoon of virgin coconut oil daily, you will surely get to see positive result within 12 weeks.

  • Stay active all day long:

Try to remain active all the time. Don’t take rest or lie down unnecessarily. Your activeness will help your body to burn extra calories and stop fat accumulation.

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