Top 5 Tips To Prepare For JEE Main in A Short Time

Top 5 Tips To Prepare For JEE Main in A Short Time

Aspire to study in an honored engineering college yet scared to death to rank higher in the entrance exam? To get admission in NITs and IITs, one has to rank higher in JEE Main, although it is weary to study post-board exams. As if the horror of pulling an all-nighter during that stressful month of boards examination was not enough. Moreover, the student has to complete the syllabus of the entrance exam in less than a month. With the boards exam approaching in less than a fortweek, you must be stressing to score/rank higher in both of the national exams.

You might have already completed the syllabus for your board exams but have not thought of how to prepare for JEE Main. You don’t have the time to waste post-board exams so save your time by knowing the significant ways to get started with your preparation for JEE Main soon after the Boards examination.

Top 5 tips to prepare for JEE Main:

  1. Time management

Time is the most important thing in your life right now as you can’t afford to waste even a minute. Schedule your study plan prior to begin with the preparation. Not everybody can abide by the timetable, but with such a limited time to complete the syllabus you would have to or either join the best online tution classes to stick to a schedule. Plan your study schedule with regular breaks and not exhaust the brain with 5-6 hours of continuous study of a subject.

  1. Stay healthy

Your diet and sleep should not be neglected by studying extensively. Eat more fruits and vegetables to maintain the balanced diet with a minimum of 7-8 hours sleep everyday to keep your mind fresh. Remember to keep a water bottle on your side all the time.

  1. Revise

After a thorough study of the subject(s) everyday, spare an hour before going to bed and revise everything you studied throughout the day. Revision would help you to remember the key points you marked.

  1. Test yourself

Prepare a test for yourself at the end of every week to know where you are with your studies. Keep a record of the results and analyse them to see how you are improving regularly. Providing a feedback to yourself might not be easy, but you can always rely on online tution classes in India to prepare a mock test for you.

  1. Stay positive

Staying sane and positive at this point could be difficult but insanity or negativity would lead you nowhere. Try to be calm and not complete the syllabus haphazardly, because that would not rank you higher in the entrance exam. Perpetual positivity and believing in yourself would undoubtedly bring success.

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  1. Thank you so much for the tip, and as matter of fact I’m very much stressed as my preparation is running behind my schedule, and I seriously need to get going fast about my studies.

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