5 reasons why you need to quit your job right now

5 reasons why you need to quit your job right now

Your workplace is like a second home for you, where you spend even more time than your home. But do you really feel like home there or do you dread waking up every morning? There could be days when you don’t feel like going to office and you keep on grumbling about your workplace often. Your career is your choice and your job should make you happy about it, not keep you stressed. Ask these five reasons in the morning before leaving for office :


Are you professionally growing through your current job?

Your job is the stepping stone to your career, but how many milestones have you crossed? You could have been working for more than two years with a company but you had no significant growth in your profession. So how long are you planning to work like this? Professional growth is not just about making money but also about skills. Your job’s job is to flourish your skills and teach you more about different things while you get a continuous hike.


Do you had other plans before you signed for your job?

How old could you be right now? 20? 22? 25? 30? You might be thinking you are too young to be stuck at a nine-to-five job. Make a move and explore what you wish. Didn’t you wish to be an artist or travel the world when you were young and now you are just confined to the four walls of your cabin? Don’t waste your dreams like this, you are too creative to work in that cubicle.


Is your job hindering your personal life?

There might be situations when your boss pesters you to deliver the work on the deadline even if the office hours are over. Ultimately, you have to do it at your home, or bear the irrelevant scolding for the delay. Your work is your priority but you can’t sacrifice your family or friends for that. Working like a slave 24*7 would affect your health and relationship with your friends and family members. Thus, you must set your priorities well-defined.


Is there no balance between the workload and the payroll?

How many times have you thought you are not being paid enough? If your paycheck more efforts than what the company pays you for it, then choose to move out. Your hard work needs to be appreciated and paid off. Haven’t you heard of the quote, “you should never settle for anything less than what you deserve.”


Do you think about it everyday?

If you vent about your office all the time to your friends and family member and think of quitting it all the while you sit at your desk, then start searching for a new job. You are young and up for changes. Since it bothers you too much that you think of it every time, don’t wait for a miracle in your office but post your resignation letter quickly.


If you think you are stuck between whether to quit or to continue learn more through the same organization, here’s a tip: “you would learn new things wherever you go.” So pack up from the stress you are causing to yourself by sitting on that desk and reading this, search for what you deserve.

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