Top 5 diet to Lose Weight

Top 5 diet to Lose Weight

Very often in life, we feel the need to lose weight and that too quickly. Here is a selection of the top five meals to lose weight quickly:

1 The 2 Week Diet

This diet begins with a low carb plan and then switches to a low-calorie plan, as well as exercises designed for each of the 3 stages, which are supposed to work synergistically with one another. The diet gives everyone practicing it the thrill of losing weight every single day. The plan will definitely help you shed few pounds quickly in a matter of two weeks. The diet is required to be done for a stretch of two weeks then stopped. You can repeat the cycle any number of time you want. 2 weeks is a small frame of time that can help people to stay motivated without getting bored.

2 Atkins 40

This diet restricts carbs intake to no more than 40 grams each day. This is a four-phase program that includes vitamin and mineral supplements to ensure that your body gets all the nutrition it needs. While on this diet people must be on a committed exercise routine to slim down and tone their body. Atkins diet will keep you full because of the protein. People don’t complain about missing out on their pasta when they get to eat steak, eggs, and bacon.

3 Ketogenic Diet

This is a low-carb, moderate protein, a high-fat diet designed to keep your body in a state of ketosis. As a result people on such diet burn stored fat instead of metabolizing food. With this plan, people lose a good amount of fat in the first few days. People generally feel satisfied and do not suffer from hunger pangs as they get to eat fried chicken and bacon instead of pasta, bread or rice.

4 Cabbage Soup Diet

This diet seems pretty effective for those who need to shed some pounds quickly. You eat unlimited amount cabbage soup, and you will lose a lot of weight within the first 10 days. You will also have to replenish your meal with sufficient vitamins and minerals.

5 Meal Replacement Shakes

This diet replaces a regular meal with a protein shake or bar. It is an effective way to lose weight quickly. Protein shakes come in a broad assortment of flavor and they are rich in protein and fiber.

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