5 Ways to Boost Metabolism

5 Ways to Boost Metabolism

Everybody knows how important it is to boost metabolism in order to lose weight. Metabolism rate is at its highest when one is young. But it gets slower as one gets older. At this point in time, it becomes essential to try different methods to boost metabolism. We tell you what the top five ways to boost the metabolism rate are.

  1.  Hit the Gym and follow specifically designed exercise regimes

The best and the most obvious way to improve metabolism is to hit the gym and follow exercise regimes that are designed for this purpose. It involves short and energetic bursts of running, skipping and swimming. One also has to warm up and cool down in the right manner to get the best results.

      2.  Drink green tea

The various health benefits of green tea are well documented. One of them is that the anti-oxidants in the brew help burn fat, and the drink lowers blood sugars by inhibiting enzymes that allow the absorption of starches. It is beneficial to drink three to four cups a day for getting the best result.

  1. Consume more protein

Egg whites, low-fat cheese and lean meats enable the body to release hormone glucagon. This signals the cells to release fat in the blood that subsequently enables all the fat to get burnt and speed up the metabolism and assist subsequent weight loss of the individual.

  1. Eat a hearty breakfast

The body’s metabolism rate is at its highest in the morning and it tends to decline as the day progresses. Food eaten in the morning gets digested faster than that eaten later on in the day. That is why it is essential to eat a hearty breakfast.

  1. Do not eat refined grains

Breads, pastas, cookies and cakes tend to have a negative effect on the insulin count in the body, which is bad for metabolism. So stay away from such products.

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