Top 5 Tips for Nail Blogging

Top 5 Tips for Nail Blogging

At a time when blogging has emerged as an art in today’s era, there are many blogs being written on maintaining beauty. And out of all these blogs, nail blogging has come out on top in gaining quick popularity. If you are among one of those bloggers who want to get quick success, here are a few tips to polish your blog and make it the best…


Don’t ignore your clean up

You need to remember that you should make a clean up before putting pictures of your nails.

Remember that before you photograph your nails, you take out the dirt from your cuticles. ‘Many women have very unhealthy looking nail beds.’ Nail blogging should change this perception by getting beautiful pictures of nails clicked. This will ensure more females getting lured by those pictures.

Care for your cuticles

As a nail blogger, you need to take close up and macro photos of your nails all the time. You need to cover them with polish, acetone, glue etc. Hence you need to care of your cuticles. This would send a direct message to readers that you belong to professional cadre.

Be original

Always try out a trend, or re-create what you have, but make sure that it looks original. Make sure that your own genius and your style shine across your blog. All nail bloggers have their own distinctive style. So think of your favourite blogger and try to gain inspiration of his innovation.

Start networking

Try to stay connected to as many people as you can. Most of the nail bloggers who have gained success are friendly, social and enthusiastic. They are excited for what they are doing and love to get connected. Make as many friends as you can. You never know who reconnects with you and take you to 2000 followers.

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