Top 5 Yogas For Keeping Away Stress

Top 5 Yogas For Keeping Away Stress

The Yoga is a complete course of deep meditation, breathing methods and exercises that were advised by the ancient Indian teachers. The term is coined to signify the unification of body, mind and soul.
Corpse-like pose – Shavasana
You must lie on your back and stretch your legs straight. The legs should touch each other and the arms close to the body with palms facing upward. Take a deep breath and then release slowly. Feel that your body is getting lighter and the muscles relaxed. This rests your body and mind. Lowers blood pressure and calm the taut nerves.
Child’s pose – Balasana
This one is also a relaxing pose and eases off stress of mind Sit with knees folded backwards. Inhale deeply while sitting straight and then start exhaling. You start bending forward as you start exhaling. Finally forehead should touch the ground in front. Hands straight and remains on the ground. It eases lower back, hip and shoulder stiffness and good for your whole body.
Bridge pose – Setubandhanasana
Lie down with folded knees and feet apart from each other. The arms should be touching the side of your body. Inhale and lift the lower, middle and upper back from the floor. Touch the chin to the chest. Shoulders should support bodyweight and it helps in relieving stress of the back and brain. It reduces depression.
Now for some right kind of breathing that are called pranayama. Breathe in deeply and while doing this, free the mind of all negative thoughts. Then exhale slowly and feel the negative thoughts leaving your body. There are some pranayamas like Kapalbhati, Bhastrika and Bhramari.
Meditation – a joy of living
This is the ultimate relaxation mode. Sit with eyes closed and concentrate. You must do it regularly for best results. It will give you a calm and peaceful mind. When you do it regularly, you will never get stressed easily. It will keep you out of anxiety and hyper activities in your day to day life. You will be able to deal with everything around you with detached and cool way.

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