The Many Uses of Hammer Unions

The Many Uses of Hammer Unions

One of the components that are commonly used in the oil and gas industry is hammer unions. This apparatus is made of a hammer nut, a thread end and a nut end. Together they apply pressure and compress a composite seal assembly. Hammer unions are used widely to prevent leakages. This popular component has been in use in the oil industry since the 1930s.

One of the reasons that hammer unions are so popular and have managed to serve the oil industry for such a long length of time is because they are easy to assemble. They can also be removed easily. They can be disconnected without problems even if the mud that is being drilled has hardened to something resembling cement. This also means that new workers can be trained quickly to put together and disassemble a hammer union.

One of the aspects that oil workers have to take care with is mismatched hammer unions. Incorrectly matched unions have been known to cause quite a few mishaps on the oil field, especially when it comes to the pressure control equipment. There are certain features that the oil workers can pay attention to in order to avoid these problems. The figure number, size, pressure ratings and manufacturer name will help to identify which parts need to be joined together for building a safe hammer union. Since the assembly of hammer unions is so important, different types of unions with different pressure ratings are sometimes coded in different colours making it easy for the workers to identify them.

It is not just in the oil industry that one finds hammer unions being used extensively. The trucking industry has been known to make extensive use of these components as well. They can be utilized purposefully on all types of high pressure equipment and various kinds of pipes. It is for this reason that the steel which is of the highest quality and can withstand the greatest amount of stress is chosen to fashion these components. They are well cut and given a fine finishing touch so that they can be used in some of the most high profile machinery operations in the world. The exacting standards set in their construction also mean that they can function smoothly in places where the heat is fierce and unrelenting and in areas where the weather is frigid and icy. Many an operation involving high powered equipment has been completed safely courtesy of hammer unions.


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