Turning a Small Space into a Magical Home

Turning a Small Space into a Magical Home

It is everybody’s desire to live in a beautiful and comfortable home. In days gone by cities were small and affordable. Many people lived in rural areas where they had ample space. But that is no longer the case. Our cities have become overcrowded and expensive. People have started moving from rural areas to urban areas in search of better opportunities. This has meant that our houses have started to become smaller and smaller. But the desire to live in a beautiful home has not diminished. That is why interiors designers are now finding ways of maximising the space that they are given to the maximum.

While a large house has plenty of space, a small apartment can be cosy, intimate and charming. In these times when nuclear families are the norm, a small apartment is all the space that the family needs anyway. Living in an apartment complex can also be more secure since one is surrounded by security guards, families living in other flats in close proximity, and electronically secured gates. These are the features that the designer has to focus on when he is designing the apartment. He needs to emphasise the cosiness, security and charm that small places are naturally endowed with.

One of the aspects that the designer needs to pay a lot of importance to, is the furniture used in the apartment. It should not take up too much space. But at the same time it should be functional enough to meet all the needs of the occupants. It is a good idea to build plenty of cupboards and cabinets for storing all the crockery, clothes and other items that the family would have. This way everything would be tucked away securely and nothing would be left outside creating a mess. It is also a fine plan to buy beds that have storage space beneath them. This is a clever place for putting away all the extra pillows and mattresses that the family would have.

If the kitchen has enough space, it is a good idea to put a small dining table there. This would leave extra room in the rest of the house for the family. The colours chosen for painting the walls should be light, bright and warm. Dark colours generally do not go well with places where the light received from outside might already be limited. With a little imagination, even a small apartment can become a magical home that the family looks forward to coming to at the end of the day.

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