Top 5 Smartphones in India

Top 5 Smartphones in India

When it comes to buying an effective smartphone, customers in India not only seek a great performance, but also look for improved and added features. If we consider a mix of both performance and features, then certain smartphones top the list for Indian buyers. Let us look at the top five phones out of this lot.

Moto Turbo

Moto Turbo emerges as a winning device to use in India. You not only receive the freshest Android version in this phone, but also get amazing power through its Snapdragon 805 processor. This high-performance gadget is quite cost-effective in comparison to various flagship devices that have been launched recently. This smartphone can be yours for around 42,000 rupees.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Now days, big screen is very much in demand. However, instead of going for expensive options, one may simply choose the Galaxy Note 4 that is available at a price of around 39,500 rupees. In fact, the Galaxy Note series has been popular for its larger screen size. It is also an excellent Android gadget that offers solid performance.

Samsung Galaxy S6

It is another premium quality device from Samsung. The smartphone has a sophisticated yet durable design. It is powered by an Exynos 7 Octa processor that lets you do effective multitasking. With its wonderful camera, you can capture amazing pictures and videos. This luxury smartphone is available at a price of around 50,000 rupees.

Nokia Lumia 930

While many Indian buyers prefer to go for an Android smartphone, Nokia Lumia 930 is a top option for Windows lovers. With a price tag of 28,650 rupees, this smartphone seems quite affordable. It is one of the best camera phones for those who like to keep clicking.

OnePlus One

Running on a powerful Snapdragon 801 processor, this smartphone is most talked about among Indian buyers. With several features of a high-cost phone, you can grab it for just 22,000 rupees.

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