Top 5 Health Benefits of Oranges

Top 5 Health Benefits of Oranges

Orange is a fruit that has many health benefits. They are not only popular with ordinary people, but they are also popular with athletes. They can either be eaten as a snack or they can be drunk as a juice.

1. This fruit can help prevent cancer

One of the wonderful points about eating oranges is that it can help prevent cancer. This fruit is rich in citrus limonoids. This has been proven to help fight a number of varieties of cancer. Eating this fruit acts as a strong defence against cancer of the skin, lung, breast, stomach and colon.

2. This fruit can help prevent kidney disease

Many people drink juice made from orange. This helps prevent kidney disease. It also helps reduce the risk of kidney stones. However, it is important that the juice is only drunk in moderate amounts. Orange juice contains high volumes of sugar. This can cause tooth decay.

3. Fights against viral infections

The era we live in and the surroundings that we inhabit make us particularly prone to viral infections. There is plenty of dust in the air, we are constantly surrounded by people, we travel in crowded trains and planes and cars, and we spend all our time at the office. We thus need to be on the vigil against viral infections. The polyphenols in the oranges acts as a safety net against viral infections.

4. It helps to regulate blood pressure

Our everyday life is full of stress and strain. In such circumstances we are prone to problems like high blood pressure. There are many people who are victims of high blood pressure and they do not know how to control it. The solution to their problem lies in the magnesium that is found in orange, which helps control blood pressure.

5. Helps give good vision

This fruit has plenty of carotenoid compounds which are converted to vitamin A. This helps prevent macular degeneration, and this in turn ensures that the eyes are always in good shape.

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