Top 5 Types of Roommates You Have to Handle

Top 5 Types of Roommates You Have to Handle

There have been times in our lives where we have all had roommates and we have thought that co-existence with another human being is simply not possible. This article talks about some of the most common types of irritating roommates that you may have to encounter especially in PG, and following are some ways of dealing with them.


The party animal

When staying in a paying guest, what you didn’t sign up for are roommates who are drunk all the time, drunk so much that you might need to clean up.

The best way to deal with these people is to explain them specifically of their behavior and request them to stop. Behavior change takes time, so don’t expect the change to occur overtime. However, if there are no change, consider speaking with your landlord regarding the problem.

The drama king or queen

There are always issues when you are staying in paying guest accommodation in Mumbai to split the costs of the rent. However, the best to avoid these drama king or queen roommates is to avoid their drama and also not be sorry when ending their conflict. However, before taking drastic steps and moving out or complaining, you might just think from their perspective and maybe you are also a reason for that. Sort out amicably if possible is such a situation ever arises.

The antisocial

Roommates can range from hermits to social butterflies. Both can be a blessing but both can weird things out very fast.

It is best to allow the roommate some space, but try to invite them over into conversations whenever possible. Try finding out things that might interest them and suggest things, which might lead to spending, some time together. If turned down, don’t feel rejected. It is best to avoid all kinds of trash talking to such roommates.

The dirtball

Famous for leaving dirty dishes and laundry behind especially in shared living spaces, these roomies are often the reason, which prompts people living in PG accommodation in Mumbai to move out.

It is best to set some rules especially for the common area. You can keep your area clean and hope that it inspires something within the individual. Unclaimed messes can be thrown away if not removed and give the messy roomie some reminders to ensure that the house stays clean and you don’t land up having rodents as your roommate also.

The talkative kind

These are the tricky kind of roommates, for they are usually nice and interested in your life. However, they fail to take a hint when you want them to keep to themselves.

The best way to deal with such people is to a prep a conversation and whenever there is a nice quiet time, it is best to emphasize on its importance before they begin talking again. Most of these people are very sensitive, so keep it easy on them and set a boundary which also relaxes them a bit.

The anxious guy

Then, there are some roomies who are experts in taking stress and the key here is not letting it rub off on you when you are there. It is best to avoid offering yourself as a therapist, for there are high chances that you too would get involved in it.

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