The Timeless Beauty of Polki Jewellery

The Timeless Beauty of Polki Jewellery

At every wedding the bride is usually the centre of attention and most brides dress in a manner that ensures that they attract attention. The jewellery that they wear is observed very closely by all the other ladies and is often talked about long after the function is over. In a country that has an artistic tradition as rich as India it need not be reiterated that the bride has a rich repertoire of jewellery to choose from various parts of the country. And long before the day of the wedding the brides go hunting for the ornaments that they are going to be adorned with.


One form of jewellery that owes its origins to the Mughal era traditions of Gujarat and Rajasthan is the Polki jewellery. Polki basically means an uncut diamond. In recent times this variety of jewellery has found a lot of patrons since it goes equally well with both Indian wear as well as Western wear. It is ideal for the modern woman who can be seen in both types of fashion. This type of jewellery can be found in a wide range from the easily affordable to the extremely expensive. It all depends on the cost of gold and other precious stones used in the jewellery. During the wedding season, jewellers get a lot of demand from brides who want to sport a rich ethnic look and opt for varieties that go very well with a traditional wedding saree.

Those who want to buy this type of jewellery should compare prices offered by a few dealers before making the purchase. This type of jewellery can be commonly found, so brides can hunt for a good deal and the best quality before making their choice. They should ideally buy the jewellery after purchasing their wedding dress. This way they will know which ornament goes well with the garments that they have selected. Since these ornaments are available in a wide range of prices, the buyers can fix a budget within which they can make their purchase.

There are brides whose trousseau is laden with Polki ornaments. There are many brides who want a heavy set to go with what they are wearing, but they should take care that the ornaments are not too heavy lest it start to feel uncomfortable. This type of jewellery is very popular in its homeland of Rajasthan and you would find most families having a set of this hugely popular variety.

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