Top 5 Modular Kitchen Layouts

Top 5 Modular Kitchen Layouts

Kitchen has always been at the top priority if we talk about our vision for a standard house. Nothing to be much surprised about, it’s but obvious that, a place where your appetite gets its best satisfaction will be most liked by you. So, who doesn’t want to decorate and design it with their utter creativity? In the due course, modular kitchens are becoming most popular and are in increasing demand. Relatively, we hereby discuss about the top 6 modular kitchen layouts that are in high demand and you would for sure prefer one in case you are in renovating mood–

Before moving on in to the types of modular kitchens, let’s understand the principle on which they are designed. Triangle rule is applied in all the types of modular kitchen that define the kitchen in to 3 segments; cook top, sink and refrigerator in a way that makes the cooking, cleaning and storing comfortable and user friendly. Let’s epitomize the same in the form of layouts –


  1. U shaped modular kitchen – If you have large space for kitchen and are fond of cooking for your big family, nothing can be better than a U shaped modular kitchen. It has many counters to cabinets that make your cooking comfortable.
  2. Parallel shaped modular kitchen – Parallel shaped kitchen is the one that suits to most of the house. The two parallel walls facing each other give ample of space to work, clean and even storage. When it comes to cooking parallel modular kitchens are most preferred because of its spacious design and easy cleaning process.
  3. Straight modular kitchen – Mostly seen in apartments where space is less, but accommodation is expected to be most. Thus, straight kitchen serves the family with its smart design that is of course in a single row, with its sink, cook top and refrigeration in one pane. It’s the only layout that is devoid of triangle principle and still provides sufficient space to work contentedly and avail the optimum utilization from this up gradation.
  4. L shaped layout – If you have a small house and evidently a small kitchen, L shaped layout would be best for you. This is the smaller kitchen with maximum storage capacity. Cook top is generally designed in the corner of L, whereas sink and refrigerator on the two corners. It also accommodates a small dining table inside the kitchen utilizing the minimum flooring space at its best.
  5. Island layout – If you want to design a kitchen of your choice and give it an ultra modern look with maximum storage and working area, an Island layout will be best for you. It is designed in a combination with L shaped or a straight layout, with an extra counter top in the middle of the kitchen. This extra top can be used for dining, cooking from both the sides on four stove burner in addition to the storing in its cabinets underneath. Its an ideal design for an open plan of interior.


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