Do Interviews Make You Edgy? Top 5 Tips to Combat Interview Jitters?

Do Interviews Make You Edgy? Top 5 Tips to Combat Interview Jitters?

Disorder: The night before your interview you always get keyed up. Symptoms: Sweaty palms, dry throat and a sick feeling in the pit of your stomach are common symptoms of interview jitters. Outcome: Majority of interviewees feel anxious during interviews which make them poorly perform, and they lose good career opportunities.

Interview anxiety gets better as you become habitual of interviewing, but it never disappears. The key to a successful interview is preparations. These five tips can help you ace an interview.

Practise questions that Interviewers are likely to ask you

“Tell us about yourself” is the most important question you’re asked. You should prepare a pitch that should include your skills, recent job, accomplishments, education and experience. Pen down your pitch in a paper and rehearse in front of the mirror or to your friend. Practise it in a conversational tone.

Research well about a company in which you’re applying for a position

It’s often noticed that interviewees quickly glance at companies information on websites and LinkedIn profiles and blurt out that as plain info, but you’re not about to benefit from this sort of thing as this is what they already know. You don’t need to tell them what they do; instead you have to find out ways to use company information that you find important for a position you’re applying for. For instance, you’re applying for a position of a web designer, you’ll tell how being a part of the company can help you grow.

Don’t hesitate to ask questions about a company, work culture etc

An interview is a two-way thing, which means you also have a right to interview a company. At the end of an interview when you’re told to ask questions, you shouldn’t let go the opportunity. Prepare a list of questions such as “How is the work culture in the company?” “What you do to motivate your employees?” etc.

Dress up perfectly as it boosts confidence

First impression is the last impression! An interviewer will not only be interested in knowing about your skills but your body language, confidence and all. You feel more confident if you’re dressed up formally and perfectly. Read five steps to crack an interview.

Think before you respond

Interviewers expect concise and detailed answers. You don’t need to blurt out an answer that is ambiguous and immature as this will cost your interview. Take your time and provide a thoughtful response.


Interview jitters are very common, and everyone feels them during an interview. To suppress jittery feelings, you should prepare well about your interview, which includes preparing common questions, researching about a company, getting well dressed and delivering thoughtful replies.


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