Tips on Saving Water

Tips on Saving Water

We have been hearing through ages that water is precious and we should save it. But most of the people we see do not believe in doing the same and hence waste the natural resource not realizing that there are plenty others who do not get a drop to drink also. There has been lot of movements started for the conservation of this precious and natural resource. There are many aims to preserve water.

The withdrawal of fresh and clean water should not cross the limits of its natural replacement in order to ensure water is available for generations to come. Another purpose is to conserve energy in many places in the world about fifteen per cent of complete electricity usage is devoted to the management of water. Water should also be preserved to conserve the habitat. Let us look into the simple ways of solving the problem of scarcity of water

  • At least six liters of water could be saved if put off the faucet while brushing our teeth.
  • In the toilet cistern, cistern displacement device should be put for reducing the amount of water in each flush. These are easily available from the water providers
  • While taking shower remains careful with the amount of water spend as one can save good six to forty five liters of water. Therefore take a shorter shower.
  • For cutting unnecessary washes in between always take full loads in washing machine and dish washer.
  • A dripping tap should be fixed as that can waste fifteen liters of water or 5,500 liters of water per annum.
  • Car could be cleaned; plants could be watered from the water collected after installing the water butt to the drain pipe.
  • Rather than using a hose pipe, garden could be watered with a watering can. In an hour, a hose pipe consumes one thousand liters.
  • Fill the jug to be kept in fridge which means one does not have to leave the tap with cold water running before the glass is filled.
  • Water meter should be installed. There is an incentive in the itemized bill for consuming less water while paying it to the utility provider.
  • One should invest in water efficient goods while considering replacement of household products. Water efficient shower heads, toilets, taps, dishwashers, washing machines, and other such water saving devices could be kept at home and offices.

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