Tips on using few vegetables to help in bodily ailments

Tips on using few vegetables to help in bodily ailments

Gastric troubles:

Although, there are innumerable remedies for gastric troubles but a few more can be suggested. Mix garlic and asafoetida to cooked aubergines. Eat a small helping of this vegetable frequently. This will release the gas and activate your bowels better.

Alternatively, suck ginger juice and lemon juice with a little of rock salt sprinkled over them, after every meal.


The burning sensation is not exactly in the heart, but over the heart region. The sensation is caused by indigestion. Since, the pain occurs at a delicate region, normal treatment for indigestion is not very effective. The best treatment is to mash a raw potato and extract its juice. Drink its juice at least twice a day. Just two spoonfuls of juice will do. But, make sure you add no spice to the juice; not even salt. Or else the trouble will only aggravate. You can eat raw potato. It would also help.


Eat turnip as much as you can without making yourself sick. Even during the off season, you can have turnip by drying it in the sun during the season and using it in the off season after boiling it in water. Tomato is another useful vegetable in diabetes. Make sure that you remove the seeds. It is better to have a soup of tomatoes. Tomato juice mixed with bitter gourd juice is an ideal preparation for treating this trouble.

Burning in soles:

Cut a bottle gourd into pieces big enough to hold and rub. Now, lie down on your bed and have someone rub the pieces of the bottle gourd on your soles for at least an hour. Then have a bath with cold water. Repeat the process 10 to 15 times in a month and you will be totally cured of this trouble. Still better results can be obtained if the pieces of the bottle gourd are refrigerated before rubbing.


Vegetables, especially aubergine helps to cure this trouble. Mix aubergine or baingan bharta as it is called, with white onion. First lightly roast the white onion pieces and then mix them with the aubergine. Eat as much of it as you want with chapattis. It is better if you take this special vegetable dish at night. This combination induces a good night’s sleep.

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