Top 5 nutritious foods to eat for healthy living

Top 5 nutritious foods to eat for healthy living



Tomatoes contain plenty of vitamin-C and this helps a lot in ensuring smooth skin. They protect the skin from the harmful rays of the sun, and keep it wrinkle free. They also ensure that the skin does not become dry.


In the times that we live in there are a lot of people who struggle with high blood pressure and high cholesterol. This is the fruit you should be eating when you need to decrease both.

Green beans and its high fibre content

Green beans contain plenty of fibre, and this is very good for healthy living. People who have weight issues should consume this vegetable in plenty. It works both ways. It is good if you want to put on weight, and it is also good if you want to lose weight. You need to regulate the fibre content in the body, and green beans can help you do that.

Ginger and its medicinal properties

There are many cultures that use ginger as part of their everyday cooking. While they use it on a regular basis, many of them do not even know that this spice has many useful properties to it. In the modern era most of us automatically go to an allopathic doctor in case we are afflicted with an ailment. The doctor gives us some tablets and we get cured after some time. But there are some ancient methods of medicine still practised around the world that use spices for their cures. And one of the important spices that are used by these ancient doctors is ginger.

This spice is endowed with chromium, magnesium, and zinc. These are the nutrients that are highly essential for improving the blood flow in our body. There are times when people suffer from chills or they might have come down with a fever, and in the hot summer months they face the problem of excessive sweat. This is where the spice comes in useful in the sense that it acts as an antidote to all these afflictions.

Taking Lemon during a journey

Many people face motion sickness when they are travelling by car or by bus. The moment the vehicle gets into motion the individuals start get a feeling of nausea. This feeling refuses to go away as long as they are in the vehicle and at times it persists even after it has come to a stop. They need a cure for this condition. Lemon is that cure. Many people who are given lemon find that they no longer struggle when they are travelling. They can go from one place to another just like everyone else. Motion sickness can be a nightmare because it prevents people from leading a normal life, and it also becomes embarrassing when one is travelling in a group. Lemon can put an end to all these problems and make sure that the individuals who suffer from it no longer have to do so.

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