How to include sweets in a diabetes-friendly diet

How to include sweets in a diabetes-friendly diet

Though, diabetes is on the rise, yet many of the cases are preventable with due care. It is not easy for a diabetic patient to live a life of deprivation. While eating right is important, you don’t have to give up sweets entirely or resign yourself to a lifetime of bland “health food”. Getting used to bland healthy food is not required all the time and resigning to sweets.

The following are the tips you can follow to enjoy your meals without feeling deprived of sweet pleasures.

Hold the bread for want of dessert.

One should avoid eating sweets at a meal as it increases carbohydrates. Therefore, carbohydrate containing foods could be avoided to balance out the meal.

Add some healthy fat to the sweet dishes.

Healthy fats, like peanut butter, yogurt, ricotta cheese, yogurt, and some nuts could be added to the diet. Fat slows the digestive process which means levels of blood do not shoot up quickly.

Eat sweets with a meal, instead as a stand-alone snack.

When eaten on their own, sweets and desserts cause your blood sugar to spike. If sweets are eaten alone, they take the sugar levels high. So, they could be eaten with other healthy foods as part of the meals, whereby the sugar levels would not rise as quickly.

Savour each bite while eating dessert.

Paying attention to every bite of cookies, cakes and other sweet foods by counting on every bite and savouring each of it can make an individual eat less of sweet food.

Tricks for cutting down on sugar

Reduce the amount of soft drinks, juice and soda one drinks.

The risk of diabetes increases by about fifteen percent by an intake of twelve oz. serving of sweetened-sugar beverage consumed a day. If the sweetness is missed, one can sparkle some lemon or some fruit juice. The creamers and sweeteners added to tea and coffee should be reduced.

Sweetening foods yourself.

One is likely to add less sugar in comparison to the sugar content present in readymade iced tea, yogurt or oatmeal. Therefore, do not buy these products from market.

Reducing the amount of sugar in recipes.

The amount of sugar in foods can be reduced. Any recipe requiring one cup of sugar, can be reduced by ⅔ or ¾ cup. Sweetness can also be boosted with cinnamon, vanilla extract and nutmeg.

Finding out healthy ways to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Ice creams should be avoided and to find the same sweetness one can opt for bananas that are frozen for a creamy and frozen treat. Instead of milk chocolate bar, a person can relish a small piece of dark chocolate.

Eating just half of the dessert you normally eat.

Do not eat the complete plate of dessert; rather replace it with other half of fruit.

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