Tips on how to make shoes last for longer times

Tips on how to make shoes last for longer times

Shoe, being an item of footwear and protecting the feet, is also used for decoration purposes. The design of shoes keeps changing according to different trends and needs. Traditionally, shoes have been made of leather, canvas or wood and increasingly from plastics, rubber and other petrochemical- related materials. Whatever be the style or design or texture, they should be protected to make them last long.

These are the following ways which can be used to give protection to shoes:

Support Your Soles

The sole of the shoes can be worn out with lot of walking, therefore reinforcement is required. Life of the shoes can actually be extended by few more months if the cobbler could put a preventive thin layer of rubber that can keep water from soaking through the shoes. Shoes would become slip resistant and can surely last longer.

Get a New Lift

If one is on feet for long the heels are the first to get damaged. Heels usually come with a plastic lift. Instead one should go for hard rubber which lasts longer and once they wear out, they should be replaced when one finds another nail the heels.

Save From a Rainy Day

When new shoes are bought, one should make sure to spray water protector to prevent any liquids penetrating the shoes. This process should be repeated once per season. If the leather shoes get wet in the rain, they should be dried at room temperature; using a blow dryer can end up shrinking them.

Polish to Perfection

Polishing shoes and keeping them conditioned can help the colour stay fresh and also prevent the dull and worn out look. Scratches could be covered by using a cream a shade lighter than the shoe.

Savvy Storage

Shoes should be kept in a closet at room temperature. Too much heat can shrink the leather. Shoes if damp should never be kept back as they can cause bad odour, bacteria, mold and mildew.

Bait and Switch

Shoes need a break too. It is surely very convenient to wear the same pair of shoes every day but the same pair should be given rest as they will last longer and recover their shape.

Take the Shoe by the Horn

While putting on the shoe, one should wear the shoes with the help of shoe horn as it will save the heel collar from unnecessary wear and the heel area can be damaged by crushing it.

Keep Them Covered

Shoes could also be protected by keeping them in cotton shoe bags so as to make them breathe easily. Plastic bags can dry them out.

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