Time management for working mothers

Time management for working mothers

The pressure on working mothers is increasing by leaps and bounds. Pressure to meet deadlines, pressure of commuting, increasing pressure of making children excel in studies and pressure of maintain healthy personal and professional relationships are few pressures which have started taking a toll of working women’s life. She needs to take care of time and manage it efficiently so as none of her core areas get ignored. Here are a few tips to be kept in mind for time management for working mothers:

Design a plan.

Be ready to negotiate or modify your vision based on the feedback from your employer. Many of the organizations are offering flexi time. A working woman can also design her own flexible plan and present it to the management. She also needs to mention how she would execute it. She should be willing to negotiate or change the plan according to her personal and professional requirements. As per her availability and convenience she can work in morning or evening or night shift, or all together pick up an option of working from home.

Split the work week between home and office.

Working mothers can also chose the option of job sharing whereby half of her work could be shared by other employee and she could take care of her other personal responsibilities.

Set benchmarks with defined deadlines.

To efficiently take care of time, a working woman should have open lines of communication with the management and ensure all her work is handled effectively with no ends being ignored.

Have a childcare plan in place.

Working mothers face a major stressful situation when the children fall sick and her work also demands equal attention. She should keep some help handy to relieve her from the burden of both personal and professional stress coming together. There should be a childcare plan ready that could be helpful in times of distress.

Reduce your commute.

A lot of time is wasted in commuting especially in a metropolitan city. Instead this time could be spent at home constructively with children and other members of the family. One can also avoid the peak travelling hours and find an opportunity at least till the time the children are small.

Limit business travel.

For meetings that could be done via video conferencing should be handled conveniently rather than travelling out and letting the family suffer. This way the company’s travel expense could also be saved.

Get organized.

One could just organized in so many ways like keeping the wardrobe in order for six days, keeping the house in order as that could also be a major cause of worry, keeping children’s things in place could avoid the last minute hassle and help in better time management.

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