Tips to Maintain Original Glow of Your Jewellery

Tips to Maintain Original Glow of Your Jewellery

Your ornaments are one of the most precious belongings you have. They not only add beauty to your personality but they also talk about your class. Jewels are precious and are an investment for life time; everyone would want them to stay with us for a long period of time with its real beauty. No matter how old your ornaments are, you can always make them look new and you can also ensure that they stay in that manner for long with these simple steps:-

Regular Cleaning

You should keep cleaning your jewellery on a regular basis. Use hot water, mild soaps or toothpaste to clean your ornaments with a soft bristle toothbrush. Always clean it with soft hands, don’t apply too much force on it else the gems will slip out.

Appropriate Storage

Store each and every jewel separately so that they do not rub with each other, else it will end up adding scratches to one another’s surface and it won’t look shiny any more.

Travelling Plans

If you know you are travelling, then make sure you have made proper arrangements to store your jewels. Keep them in leather bags and pouches or wrap each and every piece separately in cotton and then keep them in jewellery boxes which are easily available in the market.

Exposure to Chemicals

Your make up and perfumes are for you and not for the ornaments you wear. While dressing up we often make this mistake of applying makeup after wearing jewellery. Chemicals in the skin lotions, perfumes and other make up material takes away the shine from ornaments. They set a layer of chemical on the jewellery which does not allow it to shine in the way it does.

Jewels are not merely investments, they have memories too, and these simple steps will keep your precious ornaments new forever.

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