Top five benefits of setting benchmarks with deadlines

Top five benefits of setting benchmarks with deadlines

 Growth! This is one word everybody dreams of. No matter if he is an individual, a company, a man starting his own venture, or an employee working in a firm; All dream of growth. Growth is the most important aspect in personal and professional development.  If you stop focussing on it, you can quickly become expendable.  Even on the personal side, your relationships suffer without growth.  The same philosophy works for companies; those without specific goals can’t have an appropriate strategy for growth. There have been businesses who with lacked vision were gobbled up by competitors.  Thus, a right strategy is a must to attain the targeted growth. Here comes the top five benefits of setting benchmarks with deadlines:

Calendar with Deadline Circled

Setting a goal leads to success

There is a set of rare few employees who are able to set independent deadlines and break down large projects into manageable goals. The reason why setting goals lead to success is that giving workers a deadline to achieve set goals can help the team to stay on track. It will enable the small business to pull together a large project with less stress for everyone on the team.

Project can be divided into manageable phases

Once you break a project into manageable stages, it gives each stage a mini-deadline. The benefit of breaking a large project into smaller phases is that employees feel less overwhelmed and are able to focus on more manageable goals.

Sense of Accomplishment

When the employee completes a phase of the project successfully and on time, he has a sense of accomplishment. Those who finish the project by deadline have increased feelings of self-worth.

Mistakes can be noticed at early stage

After meeting deadlines, the mistakes, if any, can be fixed before the project is complete. Thus, it gets easier to fix a problem in the beginning of a project than to go back and fixing every step of a project from the first phase onward.


If there is a product launch date or service, knowing the date of the project as to when it will be completed helps in marketing efforts. A team meeting deadlines affords some assurance to management that advertising is not wasted when a project isn’t completed in time.

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